David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Poem of The Week


London is the only way, It is about the gay
You can’t make it in this world,
unless your persuasion is of this way.

Talent doesn't matter and location burdens you
And when you disclose your comprehensive schooling,
your future is truly blown right through.

If you don’t know the right one or creep and kiss some rear  
You will be just another one that dreams with a purpose,
blurred and far from clear.  

Time is spent in fighting is lost on a ladder of despair,
for the top rungs are missing, they are for you just not there

So take a step back and change your chosen path
So you won’t be like the masses that die before they laugh.

Change your shape and mould your fate and niche your destiny,
and then you will reap the riches that were to you a fantasy.         

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