Sunday, 30 June 2019


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Phenakite - New Release Eyes of Satisfaction

Monday, 18 March 2019

Time Doesn’t Matter

We got no clock, we have no time,
We got no time to breathe,
We got no time to regret, no time to think, no time to sweat.
Let’s take a moment let’s not forget what time we wasted  
What time we took to build our life debt
Pay back our time lord, for the time we did waste
Lazing in the sunshine, or in worthless quest.
Dreaming of greatness, richness and bounty
Down town causing chaos, singing in the rain
Worrying for days and drinking to forget
Youth and Growing old days striving to make ends meet
Queuing in lines patiently , forever and a day
We have spent all our time gold, and our purse is empty
We are ready for the clock to stop and tick no more
Where we are going time does not matter
Spring summer day and night     
Sunshine and clouds water and light
Whatever the time, the time is right.  

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Fearful Sheep

Your Gay So I’ll be Gay
You abort so I’ll abort
You’ll end life when you please
So will we, because we are sheep you see
Those trainers, not green flash
Mine must have a tick alas
I see you screen out babies in your land
Let’s do the same for some there is no demand
Lets all have a beard so we all look the same
Lets all play the copy game.
If you don’t follow you are out of touch
Your country must be backward still holding on to a crutch
Buy me A BMW so I can pretend I’ve done well
There are so many now, I need a quell
Who is a man and who is a sheep   
For the future of society, I do so weep  
One thing you will not take away from me is my democracy and my dignity
For freedom of speech is rumoured dead but not in my world and not in my head