James Larkhill Poetry / Phenakite Music

David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Reflection in Isolation

Dawn breaks and the curtains of my faith are closed to a world of materialism.

Only on Sunday’s and when I am in need do my curtains open for a while

God gave me time, but I choose how to waste it.

What Jack has, Jill wants, what Jill has Jack wants. What God has is free, his love for you and me. 

Do I make the most of what is offered ? Is this forced isolation my chance to see ? 

Nothing matters when your ill. Not who’s done what and who’s got what. The more ill you get the more desperate the prayer. 

A rich man is less likely to pray for money than a poor man to pray for his basic needs. 

Wealth and Time spent in pointless activity is not an excuse to avoid Gods gift. 

Take heed fellow man it’s time to open up those curtains and take advantage of the offer that lurks within. 

Friday, 27 August 2021

A Regretful Farewell

My razor blade is cutting through my veins I can’t feel no pain, 

I am numb to the feeling 

You have torn my heart blistered my brain.

 It’s all in the cause of sanity

I thought you wouldn’t leave me, my vanity.  

The more you pulled the more I pushed knowing we should have pulled together.

 Rain falls in my isolation I am alone no love,  no sorrow just the memory of your scorn. 

Heaven what have I done I long to see the sun but alas the deed is done 

I was yours but now I’ve gone.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Together for Pleasure


Oh sweet taste of your inner most valley awakens the passion in my depressed existence.

My escape from reality is elated by the release in my mind and the release that ruptures an exquisite flow of your passion. 

Lust is greater with your love and reality is in the moment. Two hearts break when we are parted as flowers wilt without the rays of the sun.

Our love will not die if nurtured and caressed with sweet appreciation of what we have and what we share. 

If love is alive our lust will thrive and reinvent itself and grow until the valley of your pleasure is flowing with the warmth

of liquid ecstasy.

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Court of Appeal Case on discrimination of unborn children who are screened out at full term.

 The Court case is on Tuesday 6th July and Wed 7th 2021. We hope this day will make a revolutionary mark on this world and the law! 

Let’s make sure that any unborn child born with Down syndrome is not discriminated against in the future. Equality for all unborn children. 

Hold Me

Hug me and feel me there,

Hug me because I really care.

Hug me when you feel blue,

Hug me for this love is true.

Bind with me and let’s entwine,

Bind with me it is divine.

Bind with me let us not part,

Bind with me this is the start.

Kiss me slowly with tender need,

Kiss me so I do concede.

Lets make love in all types of weather, 

Let’s make love forever  and ever. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 Snowdrop wave goodbye

Crocus raise your head 

Daffodil brighten the garden 

Tulip fill the bed. 

Oh flowers of spring set the scene

For when you have gone summer will begin.

Wither graciously 

Bow your heads

For the queen of summer 

Is here 

The Rose that is Red

Friday, 25 September 2020




The elderly and vulnerable sit bewildered, lonely, trapped like prisoners in care home cells or in their houses where only they do dwell.

Teenage frolics and love tails told for years to come, lost to a clock that stopped life moving on.

The loss of work or work from home, this is a shock to many, it’s not our norm.

Masks hide the loneliness and mental turmoil that triggers anger and anguish, our patience wears thin.

Everyone’s normality is different, everything has changed. We grasp onto what we once knew and falsify reality in a dressed-up manikin, a way of comforting us, a way to cope.   

We are rocked by this fear of death, this fear of a shortened life, some continue regardless with an arrogance with the attitude, it won’t be me, but it could be you.

For the first time we are metric, two metres not two yards, but this is lost on many who seem to have no regard.

With no end in sight what will turn on the light? Is this a new norm, should we sit and wait, should we stride out and take our chances and leave selection to the law of fate?

If this was a war we would rise and fight, but we sit and ponder while the enemy gets stronger.

Let’s herd our immunity, mutate our defences from within, stop the waves washing up on our shores.

Let’s defend our future, what we love and know, battle to win our freedom and bring normality back.        

Take the handbrake of the clock, for we don’t want a world that is put on hold.


James Larkhill