James Larkhill Poetry / Phenakite Music

David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 Snowdrop wave goodbye

Crocus raise your head 

Daffodil brighten the garden 

Tulip fill the bed. 

Oh flowers of spring set the scene

For when you have gone summer will begin.

Wither graciously 

Bow your heads

For the queen of summer 

Is here 

The Rose that is Red

Friday, 25 September 2020




The elderly and vulnerable sit bewildered, lonely, trapped like prisoners in care home cells or in their houses where only they do dwell.

Teenage frolics and love tails told for years to come, lost to a clock that stopped life moving on.

The loss of work or work from home, this is a shock to many, it’s not our norm.

Masks hide the loneliness and mental turmoil that triggers anger and anguish, our patience wears thin.

Everyone’s normality is different, everything has changed. We grasp onto what we once knew and falsify reality in a dressed-up manikin, a way of comforting us, a way to cope.   

We are rocked by this fear of death, this fear of a shortened life, some continue regardless with an arrogance with the attitude, it won’t be me, but it could be you.

For the first time we are metric, two metres not two yards, but this is lost on many who seem to have no regard.

With no end in sight what will turn on the light? Is this a new norm, should we sit and wait, should we stride out and take our chances and leave selection to the law of fate?

If this was a war we would rise and fight, but we sit and ponder while the enemy gets stronger.

Let’s herd our immunity, mutate our defences from within, stop the waves washing up on our shores.

Let’s defend our future, what we love and know, battle to win our freedom and bring normality back.        

Take the handbrake of the clock, for we don’t want a world that is put on hold.


James Larkhill

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

In The Middle Of The Rainbow There Is No Gold

We met in the middle of the rainbow.
The colour was drained from your heart
Then the beat began and lightening struck,
as the music rocked and the disease crawled.

Be dammed into damnation by the infliction
and the cancer that devours.
Chocked by possession, hungry for love,
trapped by conspiracy and guilt from above.

Ice is melting in you veins.
As the atmosphere grows cold and
blood is drained, you constrain happiness,
live in fear, trust not a soul but keep your mind clear.

Bored by existence, you can't walk the right path,
sinking further into a cesspit of despair.
Alone and devoured in a world without care.
Will anybody miss you, when you're no longer there 

Your final downbeat breath is shallow
With no food to feed your mood,
One more quiet retreating heart beat
As your mission does conclude. 

Monday, 27 April 2020

The Battle of Isolation

Four walls all around, your freedom is denied.
Staying safe and staying sane is all you gotta do.
All you do is moan, while others dice with death for you

This is not a joy ride,
you're lucky to be alive.
Our Heroes fight the enemy, for hours at a time.

Many wars are fought, with guns and weaponry,
But this cursed enemy is invisible to you and me.

So fight the battle and stay apart,
for the angels do not want to capture no more of your hearts.

Together we should be binded, to fight to win this war .
Let's find an inner hunger, a strength within our core.
If there is no sacrifice, no victory will ensue.

But if the spirit of the nation is ignited
And our efforts are not in vain
The demon we are fighting 
will surely lose his game...  

Friday, 17 January 2020


The thought of death scares me as I wait here for my fate.

The days that are behind me anger me today

For all I've done is waste my time not doing what I should.
I never thought my days would come and go as quickly as the rain

I've searched within my mind to find my twisted road, but the journey through my mind is misted by the
signals from my soul.

God free my vision from these chains unlock my destiny
I need a clue, I need a sign, please open my closed gate.

Sunday, 15 December 2019


Phenakite currently #49 in the European Hot disc country chart gets second week play on the BBC weekly Country show.

Keep downloading folks (*_*)