Sunday, 16 April 2017


Reasons to be trapped and not be free, start with dependents one, two and three. A roof over one’s head warmth at night, food in my belly, an electric light. A pension when I grow old, a hat on my head, a cosy sleep in my comfortable bed. When I own my bricks will I be free ?, or is it my age that will hinder me? Should I, upon this day declare my freedom? Should I leave my binding job, sell up and sail away, live a little while I can, be a selfish irresponsible man? Do I have the guts to make my mark, test the waters on a journey I should embark ? At this crossroads which way should I go over the hill and far away or round the corner like every other day.  I only I can make the decision and the question is am I a man with a vision, or a man of indecision?

Saturday, 18 February 2017

God answers my prayers

He saves me from heartache
He saves me from loss
He protects me from my fears
He helps me such a lot
That's why I pray to thank him
That's why I keep the faith
That's why i need my saviour
That's why I'm full of grace

James Larkhill.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Streets of Despair

What am I going to do today ?
Life is misery, addiction is god
Take way the pain,
I'm on the road to despair
A circle of viciousness
Its eating me away this difficult trap
Lonely in a room of many
Drunken belonging doesn't last
On the street I watch and see
the people who just walk on by
I don't want to die, I need help
Where is my angel?, where is the love ?
please god help me, I pray I beg
No more nights of keeping warm
Is there no Compassion in this world ?

Monday, 21 November 2016

Proud Preston

Proud Preston
Welcome to Deepdale the home of PNE

The lily white heart is here to stay
and on this turf we will but slay.

We are the one and only
We are the team in white,
We are the sons of legends
and our flame will not blow out.

"You are my sunshine"
We will chant aloud,
For our courage is unquestioned
we stand tall and proud 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Don't let the memories take over me
Don't let the memories take away my love
I am alone but I must go on 
Don't let the memories take away my love
I ache in the morning, I stay awake at night
For now I must move on, but my feelings are not right
Don't let the memories blow out my flame
Light my spirit, let it ignite,
Without your heart beat and your warming charm
I have no purpose, I am disarmed
But I've got the memories, don't take them away
For they are the sunshine, the dawn of my days.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hell has no fear when I have this feeling of despair
Love had no meaning if you no longer want me there

Pain is a numbness a hurt that strikes me low
I don't want to lose you I don't want to let you go

A journey fate took to its end should not have tread this path
But fate twisted and unearthed an un-foretold secret of mistrust

Torn to shreds by the past and in fear for what may come
Sleep is beyond my desperation masked by confusion

It is deep this love removed so real it is no illusion
Wake me from this nightmare take me back to sunnier days

Forgive my indiscretions and find a pocket in your heart
that knows that you still love me and wont let you depart

If I should  be so fortunate I will guard you with my life
For I will always love you my angelic loving wife. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Paranoid, I cant get out
it a crisis its a tragedy
its a world of trouble

Shadows creeping along the walls
All shapes and sizes
No one here I fear
Not in this damnation

They walk in step as they follow me
I can run, I can hide
You won't get me alive
I will Survive

Bricks protect me
I can't be seen beneath the covers
Let it be light
Suspend the night

Cold, as Ice runs through my veins
As blood flows a stream of pain
Watch your back it's behind you
And in front of you

No escape this isn't no paranoia
It's reality, scream and it will go away
I pray, I pray.