Friday, 20 October 2017

Dawn to Dusk

Dawn breaks the ice
As it melts in the glass through which I see,
My vision is sprinkled with the rain that wets my spirit
A ghostly shadow of what darkens my inner view 
Scared not from the creeping loneliness of being in the company of others
People cannot read the emotions of the heart, they are hidden
They are locked in a casket made of memories
It cannot be what was once a dream, it cannot be.

Reach out and touch, feel the sense of longing that is out of reach
Stretch limbs to grasp the answers, questions that lie so deep will be answered
Darkness and the cold shaking caused by fear will pass
And the journey to the destination will come soon enough.

Dusk is fading the light as time moves on
Goodbye to the rain, the sun, the sea, the sand
Count your blessing on your fingers 
Nightfall brings back your dreams.
Tomorrow is another day. 

James Larkhill 

Monday, 16 October 2017


Deep in the trenches covered in dirt,
Cold with fear, as the boom and blast light up the sky,

Bayonets in our shaking hands, over the top to our certain death
bodies strewn across the field of mud, poppies coated red from our blood 

For what ?, I ask,
To let the dealers conquer the dark,
To let society degrade our name,

As they do forget and don't understand,
The hand we played in their freedom.

Whatever divisions existed before two world wars
This is nothing compared to the divisions we have in our family today.

Does this selfish world need a war to clear it of its scars ?
Will love, charity and hope exist again ?
Or will the battles we fought be in vain
Forever a memory of those that were slain.       

James Larkhill.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Value Of Life 

Man has decided he has a right,
to take life as he pleases.
Man played god with life and this seed was sown.
It grew into such hate with the value of life decreasing.
Though religion is an excuse given to slay the innocents,
Is man not the perpetrator of these acts as his inner self gave reason ?
Is it not the value placed on life that drives this suicide of hate ?
Is man not to blame ?
Is man not the one who de-valued life ?
Should he not be the one guilty of life treason ?

Saturday, 27 May 2017

14 Garstang Road Wesham - WARNING

Any one wishing to purchase 14 Garstang Road Wesham please email me before you decide to pursue.  

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Reasons to be trapped and not be free, start with dependents one, two and three. A roof over one’s head warmth at night, food in my belly, an electric light. A pension when I grow old, a hat on my head, a cosy sleep in my comfortable bed. When I own my bricks will I be free ?, or is it my age that will hinder me? Should I, upon this day declare my freedom? Should I leave my binding job, sell up and sail away, live a little while I can, be a selfish irresponsible man? Do I have the guts to make my mark, test the waters on a journey I should embark ? At this crossroads which way should I go over the hill and far away or round the corner like every other day.  I only I can make the decision and the question is am I a man with a vision, or a man of indecision?

Saturday, 18 February 2017

God answers my prayers

He saves me from heartache
He saves me from loss
He protects me from my fears
He helps me such a lot
That's why I pray to thank him
That's why I keep the faith
That's why i need my saviour
That's why I'm full of grace

James Larkhill.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Streets of Despair

What am I going to do today ?
Life is misery, addiction is good
Take way the pain,
I'm on the road to despair
A circle of viciousness
Its eating me away this difficult trap
Lonely in a room of many
Drunken belonging doesn't last
On the street I watch and see
the people who just walk on by
I don't want to die, I need help
Where is my angel?, where is the love ?
please god help me, I pray I beg
No more nights of keeping warm
Is there no Compassion in this world ?