Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Don't let the memories take over me
Don't let the memories take away my love
I am alone but I must go on 
Don't let the memories take away my love
I ache in the morning, I stay awake at night
For now I must move on, but my feelings are not right
Don't let the memories blow out my flame
Light my spirit, let it ignite,
Without your heart beat and your warming charm
I have no purpose, I am disarmed
But I've got the memories, don't take them away
For they are the sunshine, the dawn of my days.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hell has no fear when I have this feeling of despair
Love had no meaning if you no longer want me there

Pain is a numbness a hurt that strikes me low
I don't want to lose you I don't want to let you go

A journey fate took to its end should not have tread this path
But fate twisted and unearthed an un-foretold secret of mistrust

Torn to shreds by the past and in fear for what may come
Sleep is beyond my desperation masked by confusion

It is deep this love removed so real it is no illusion
Wake me from this nightmare take me back to sunnier days

Forgive my indiscretions and find a pocket in your heart
that knows that you still love me and wont let you depart

If I should  be so fortunate I will guard you with my life
For I will always love you my angelic loving wife. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Paranoid, I cant get out
it a crisis its a tragedy
its a world of trouble

Shadows creeping along the walls
All shapes and sizes
No one here I fear
Not in this damnation

They walk in step as they follow me
I can run, I can hide
You won't get me alive
I will Survive

Bricks protect me
I can't be seen beneath the covers
Let it be light
Suspend the night

Cold, as Ice runs through my veins
As blood flows a stream of pain
Watch your back it's behind you
And in front of you

No escape this isn't no paranoia
It's reality, scream and it will go away
I pray, I pray.  

Sunday, 26 June 2016

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Tower of Babel has Fallen

Reach out and touch the freedom
The chains of bureaucracy have been broken
Boom boom this ain't anarchy this is organised chaos

The Shires have had their say and the Metropolitan's have been slain
Refrain from a protest and move this country forward with Zest

Find us a leader not a fascist bleeder or a passive Brit
Hit out and shout, we have no doubt, we will survive
Because the people of this Nation have the drive

We have a seed and it is sown
So treat it well and watch it grow
And when it does but bloom
Let us taste the fruit
Of our countries womb.


Saturday, 23 January 2016


Inspire my soul, like a snake I crawl
Inspire my soul lets rock and roll
Break my skull tap my inspiration
Let it flow into a stream
Let it flow to the valley of damnation

Scream Baby scream  
For I have your dream
Your just here a mere creation
You’ll look,, you’ll find your destination 
 In this mixed up crazy Nation.

Acid burns your tears
It takes away your fears
Lucid is your mind
Your senses  redefined
But you can’t see the picture
You cant see the view
For you are out of focus
So blurred your eyes are still

There are more ways to try
And more ways to die
But heaven isn’t ready
And hell is far away
So take your life and twist it and throw the goods away
And you will see the sunrise

Say hello I’m here to stay,

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Poem of The Week


The creeping of the big finger has the upper hand
As it dictates the sounding of the gong

But time chimes less frequent for the small hand
Filtering the grains of its sand can take so long

God gave us life to smell the flowers and enjoy so many things
Don’t waste a minute, for they are more precious than gold

A minutes good is better than an hours bad
Be happy, not sad  

Don’t ponder in the time you could be striving
Or fate may result in you not arriving  

Soak in the rays, don’t  be blinded by the haze   
If you drift through your days in a daze, only make this a phase

Life may be short, it may be long
But let it be right, don’t let it be wrong

James Larkhill