David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Monday, 11 January 2010

Poem of the Week


Faintly passing out one day
I hit my head upon the clay

It was a stoke of rare luck
That I avoided being squashed by a passing truck

I arose in glee and gasped a sigh of relief
Only to be robbed by a passing thief.

I chased him high and I chased him low
But wherever I went he did not show.

And then I laughed aloud as I realised what he had took
A doggy bag all filled with muck.

Oh dear i thought where is my dog ?
as the the bang on the head had wiped my log

I turned the street corners and searched the crannies
And even asked two passing grannies.

And then it hit me in a flash
My memory had obviously been too rash

I realised i had lost my cash as I darted around
In such a dash.

But every story has a silver lining
And the sound of "woof" ended my pining

There she was my little doggy
All wet and cold and a little soggy

A gift did drop from mouth to Paw
My good little doggy had found my dough.

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