David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Monday, 4 January 2010

Poem of The Week


I sit within a crowded room with materialistic choices of future doom
Take my hand and take me where the room is empty and there are no cares.
Without a meaning to everything I will once more begin to sing
Oh fly away with dainty wings these choices life does but bring.

There is no meaning in what we pursue and what we all so willingly do
All our ideas on what is right, what is good and why we must fight
Give us a crutch to steady our plight.

Must we ensue mans unwritten path , morals, religion , work and play
Prescribed to give cause as we live each day
Or is there another way ?

If purpose dies and nobody cares and we realise its all in vain
We may become incredibly sane and realise what in life is fact
and what is just life’s man made act

So without meaning in our life we’ll wander forth and feel whats real
And those who failed will be revealed and their wants will be so easily healed
Expectation will no longer be in this future world I long to see.

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