David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Poem of the Week


High above the Christian flock stood a church upon a rock
Its rose above the floating clouds as it spiraled up towards the sky.
It raised the hopes of all its people as it cast a shadow over its flock.

Alas the challenge came from above. “The church should close it is no good”
“It doesn’t fit it is to grand, a small breezeblock church is to be planned”

Uproar amongst the City folk and they all stood up and began to croak.
“You can’t shut the church “ what can this mean?
We must all write to the Pope and the Queen”.

The Bishop considered once again he agreed that to shut this church was quite obscene.
But in his mind he had no clue on how to save even a single pew.

Up stood a man who had a vision.
He said “although it is not my decision
I’d develop the land and rent it out
for surely this is better than to sell it for nowt”

The Bishop thought all day and thought all night.
Was this advice wrong or was it right?

At last he awoke from his state of confusion
“A mosque will be built and that’s my final conclusion “

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