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Thursday, 1 January 2009


Life —Through The Eyes Of A Poet

LOVE LIFE MYSTERY — an inspired book of poetry that spot lights the abundant spectrum of life by poet and author, James Larkhill.

(Down River)
River circles come and go
Drifting waters gently flow
Around the rocks
and down wind blow
Through the valley lands below
—James Larkhill

Larkhill reflects on the different stages of his life in this exceptional collection of poems. He shares his imaginative and creative views and reveals his vision of life in an inspiring and poetically relatable style.

Publisher’s website: Eloquent Books

About the Author:
Author and poet James Larkhill is a visionary with an imaginative streak. He appreciates and records his life experiences and has been inspired by all those around him. James Larkhill, 42, was brought up in a small village in Lancashire England. He decided in his mid 30s to share his experiences and thoughts with others and hopefully create enjoyment. He now lives in Preston in Lancashire.

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1 comment:

  1. This author, has a great imagination & life experiences, that you can feel when reading these poems. U can sense a very charactermistic guy! U can captivate yourself in his book, from start to finish. There is abit of everyone in at least one of his poems, he has written. It even inspires U to start thinkin of or takin up writing abit of poetry yourself, even if u don,t already do so. A great cover! A great book!!