Monday, 27 June 2022

Who Am I ?

Take my shirt off and stab me in the back 

I know that you don’t want me back,

It hurts and I surrender, my heart is cold drained and discarded

When I was young I never knew how life could be so cruel especially if you act the fool

But I cannot change my spots they are what I am what I have become, not a actor or a puppet not a thing not a muppet.

 I am me unique and different what makes me bad makes me good but this is my undoing my makeup is engrained 

I cannot match expectation for I am who I am and for this I am dammed and hanged on a rope around my neck that tightens to take my breath

 I belong to those who care those who want and love me there, but these are few but loyal to the end, my real, my real, my bestest friends

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