David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Free Will Prison

You can’t say this.

You can’t say that.

You can’t do this.

You can’t do that.

It’s a prison full of rats.

So please set me free.

The uk is a  prison.

It grinds the masses down.

You can’t even swear, or you will be shot down

I want to be free from this so call democracy

I want to say and do as I please 

Not be governed by rules that suffocate the life from me. 

I ain’t being ruled by no majority

Because I am unique and god made me to be free

If I wanna shout and let my hair down 

I should not be criticised by the mice that are hanging around

I hate the jealousy of people who declare that they have personality,

When it obviously isn’t there. 

I’m not here to please the masses

As long as I feel fulfilled

I will be an individual and live with a Free Will !

James Larkhill

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