David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Friday, 8 December 2017

70's Days

I keep on dwelling on the past
dreaming of a life that is no more
When TVs were black and white
Where Central Heating did not exist
We sat round a fire, toasting bread upon the open flame
Windows would rattle when cars went past,
Thin panes of glass, that couldn’t deter the frosty nights that led to 
the growth of stalagmites          

Black were the nights when the power was cut, candles flickered
We entertained ourselves with stories and song, warmed by    
blankets we sang along.
A Compendium of games was our Xbox. Blow football, Snakes and 
Ladders and Ludo games all played with the precious dice.
The mornings were cold and our coats were thick we would find joy 
poking ice with a stick.
Walking to school was the order of the day, dad took the car only   
one per family in those beautiful days.
School was small all Infants in one class, Juniors filled the other    
room and free milk came in glass.
Covered books, encyclopaedia and nature cards
Sums in pouches and ink wells on our desks, filled with pencil shavings               

Dinner time and semolina, hot pot with a crust and rice
pudding with skin all served from a tin.
Into the playground we would go, all chalked out for skittle ball.
Footballs were leather and coated not, they got heavy when it 
rained a lot.

The bell would ring and we stood in line then we marched into the
classroom where Beta books would fill our time.
At the end of the day we would journey home
and on the way we would stop to spend our penny in the
sweet shop. A bubbly and quiz, 4 blackjacks or Mccowans chews
On special days we may get 3p to buy a packet of Spangles or
Strikers or a Sherbet dib dab. 
Alas it was time for our Tea, chips cooked in the frying pan
with some added treat like a slice of spam.
If we were good before we went to bed a crust of bread covered in  
jam would make us sleep like new born lambs.


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