David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Poem of the Week


Hell has no fear when I have this feeling of despair
Love had no meaning if you no longer want me there

Pain is a numbness a hurt that strikes me low
I don't want to lose you I don't want to let you go

A journey fate took to its end should not have tread this path
But fate twisted and unearthed an un-foretold secret of mistrust

Torn to shreds by the past and in fear for what may come
Sleep is beyond my desperation masked by confusion

It is deep this love removed so real it is no illusion
Wake me from this nightmare take me back to sunnier days

Forgive my indiscretions and find a pocket in your heart
that knows that you still love me and wont let you depart

If I should  be so fortunate I will guard you with my life
For I will always love you my angelic loving wife. 

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