David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Poem of the Week


Inspire my soul, like a snake I crawl
Inspire my soul lets rock and roll
Break my skull tap my inspiration
Let it flow into a stream
Let it flow to the valley of damnation

Scream Baby scream  
For I have your dream
Your just here a mere creation
You’ll look,, you’ll find your destination 
 In this mixed up crazy Nation.

Acid burns your tears
It takes away your fears
Lucid is your mind
Your senses  redefined
But you can’t see the picture
You cant see the view
For you are out of focus
So blurred your eyes are still

There are more ways to try
And more ways to die
But heaven isn’t ready
And hell is far away
So take your life and twist it and throw the goods away
And you will see the sunrise

Say hello I’m here to stay,


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