David Bilsborrow and Cheryl Bilsborrow

Friday, 19 October 2012

Poem of the Week

Gods Mistake

Dainty delicate touch of fear
sent a shiver and a scream down the lost chamber.

Falling down into the hell abyss
where shadows hide the nightmares
and lost souls feed on minds.
Where taps drip with blood
and the stench of blood fills the air.

The final resting place for life's journey
led me there.

Choices made and earthly pleasures,
short term gains don't last forever.

Mixed emotion do I care.
Life was good so sod this lair.

Let the demons tear my flesh
Let the spirits dance away
for they won't kill my lack off guilt.
I will stay strong,
I will not wilt.

I'll look old Satan in the eye
and grind my teeth,
I will not cry.

Alas the flames will rise and roar
to burn my heart and toast my skin
but I tell you now I'm cold within.

For all my bad was not to win
nor with intent to harm and sin.

I still believe my time will come
when I hear the sound of distant drums.

As faith will rule and I will see
the gates of heaven open up for me.


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